Monday, March 18, 2013

The Tova Top That Was Nearly A Dress...

Having resolved my camera issues from yesterday (something to do with the light metering and timed shutter, blah blah blah), I was able to take some better shots of my new plaid Tova, just finished last Tuesday. It's so damn comfortable and soft and awesome that I've barely taken it off since then, but let's talk a little about the process behind this creation, shall we?

Originally, this was intended to be a dress, or at least some kind of tunic length thing. Now, why I persist in wanting to make dresses is beyond me: I generally don't wear them unless forced to, I find them uncomfortable and annoying, I sure as hell never buy them, and I just generally feel wrong wearing one. But somehow I have it in the back of my brain that's it's just a matter of being open-minded and finding the Right Dress Pattern. And since I loved the first Tova top I made, I figured I'd give the dress version a run, thinking it would be as perfect and wonderful to wear as the top.

So. Wrong. Whether it was the fabric (clingy cotton flannel) or the pattern (I cut it bigger than usual to fit in the hip area), it was just...bad. Which isn't the fault of the pattern or designer by any stretch: it's basically fate telling me to quit wasting good fabric on garments that are not suited to my frame and disposition.

Once I let go of the dress idea, the top came together beautifully. The fabric is the same kind of double-faced cotton flannel that I used for my plaid button down shirt, only the reverse of this one is just a drab brown pattern. I put buttons and buttonholes on the placket again, because I think I would find an unfastened placket too gape-y on this top.

Because my first Tova top felt a bit tight in the shoulder area, I made some slightly odd alterations:

- the shoulder, outer inset, sleeve, sleeve cuff, front and back pieces were cut along the size L lines.
- the placket, center inset, and inset neckline were cut along the size M lines.

The lines corresponding to the inset on the front piece were also cut according to a size M. The reason I did this was because I wanted more room in the shoulders, but didn't necessarily want the neck of the top to be any wider than the one on my first top. I also modified both front and back pieces to be size L under the armpit and blend into a size XL by the hem when I still thought it was going to be a dress. In the end, I took the sides in by about half an inch each, so the finished body is probably closer to a size L. I also had to lengthen the collar by about an inch on each end, cuz it was coming up short.

Whew! I'm so glad this top is done and wearable. It took me way longer to finish than it should have, but let's not dwell on that. I now have a clean slate in terms of sewing projects (no UFOs lurking about in closets, under beds, at the bottom of the laundry pile, etc), and can proceed with new projects.

In parting, because I love it so much, here's a shot of my (still relatively) new sewing room:

It's actually bigger than in the photo, but I artfully cropped out the overflowing bins of yarn, fabric, patterns, etc, to give at least some semblance of order. If you look at the mirror, you can just see the ironing board, which I will never again have to put away in order to reach the kitchen :)

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  1. Funny that you cropped out the overflowing bins of stuff.... I was saying to myself... how does she make this working area such in order!!!!!